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Eyelash and eyebrow tinting is a completely painless process that involves adding color and shape to the eye area. These tinting methods only take about an hour of your time and the results can last up to three to four weeks. During your eyelash and eyebrow tinting service, a professional will aid you in choosing the perfect colors to best accent your hair, eyes, and face. All you have to worry about is relaxing during the simple procedure.


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Pros of Waxing


Long-lasting Results: A facial wax treatment keeps the skin smooth from two to six weeks, ensuring the perfect look without having to subject such a sensitive area to constant strains.


More Precision: Because there’s very little space to work with, removing facial hair entails a lot of attention to detail, and there are no second chances once you mess up. When we turn to shaving or bleaching, the results are often uneven and unflattering. Through waxing, the chore of removing facial hair turns into a treat. A precise technique swiftly eliminates all unwanted hairs and even makes it easier to give eyebrows the perfect shape.


Finer Hairs and Less Regrowth: After each wax treatment, the hairs grow finer and less dense, and this comes as a very handy solution when we consider how hard it is to take people’s attention away from errant facial hairs. The progressive attack on the follicles can eventually stop hairs from growing altogether, extending the period in between sessions even more.


Inexpensive: Waxing facial hair demands little time, minimal preparation and limited use of materials. It also wastes very small amounts of wax compared to other wax treatments so it’s usually a very affordable choice and considerably less pricey than other options like threading and bleaching. The type of wax used on the skin can change the overall price, but it’s ultimately a cost-effective option that will cause no problems to clients with a steady income.


Nourishment and Protection for the Skin: A wax treatment involves many additional benefits. The formulas used during the session serve as powerful antioxidants and moisturizers. Also, the skin goes through a gentle exfoliation process that cleanses the outer layer, which is particularly exposed on the face. While waxing, the skin gets protection, proper hydration and a soothing effect to prevent unnecessary damage during the treatment.